My name is Daniel Tapper, I hold an NVQ Level 2 qualification in tiling as well as an SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) qualification, which allows me to work both privately in people’s homes and on a number of construction sites. More importantly, I have over 12 years’ of hands-on experience, tiling a variety of different spaces with different products and this has equipped me with skills needed to confidently approach any job.



I grew up in Cornwall with my parents who run a very successful tiling business. From 16 years old I began working with my Dad in the school holidays. I have always loved nothing more than being on site and doing something practical. I was taught the importance of a hard days’ work and it is an ethos and attitude I still hold today. After completing my A-level studies, I started working for the family business full time. I worked predominantly as a tiler, learning the ropes from experienced professionals on numerous new build construction sites. It was the perfect start but as I grew older I developed an interest in the management side of the business, too. I took an active role in the office and split my time between that and practical work, taking the helm when my parents needed a break, and thoroughly enjoying responsibility. I stayed with them for seven years, giving me a strong foundation of skills and knowledge to move onto new projects and the confidence in my ability to tackle bigger challenges.


 In 2013 I moved to London and began work with one of the leading tiling contractors. Working with them gave me an entirely new experience and I learnt a great deal about a completely different side of the tiling industry. It pushed my skills to new levels and required me to continually learn, progress and develop my ability. The majority of the work undertaken was on very high-end projects, where pin-point accuracy was a necessity and discretion and confidentiality essential.  It gave me a real passion to perfect my craft and a desire to start my own company. I worked with them for four years, becoming an important member of their team, before deciding that it was time for me to start Tapper Tiling.


In the summer of 2017 I called time on London and moved my business to Nottingham. I now take on work across the midland region and continue to keep high standards to all aspects of my work.

I owe the success of Tapper Tiling to the experience gained throughout the previous 12 years. It has all placed me in the perfect position to offer a complete tiling service to my clients. I am passionate, professional and proud of my work and complete all jobs to the highest standard. I am in a good position to be able to advise clients on all aspects of the job, from design to completion and can offer a professional opinion of the best products and approach to installation to ensure that your tiling project is completed exactly as you imagined it (…or hopefully better).