Ultra Thin Porcelain Tiles

Ultra Thin Porcelain Tiles are a relatively new product to the industry. With a thickness of only 5-6mm, these tiles are lightweight but very strong and durable after installation. The benefit is that extremely large sizes can be used. I have experience of installing tiles up to 3.2m x 1.6m. This was as part of a team of installers; due to the size of one tile it requires multiple hands to install. These tiles are incredibly fragile and require care, skill and experience when installing, all of which I can offer.




Victorian Geometric Mosaics

Victorian is a beautiful style of tiling. It is often fixed in the entrances of houses as both pathways and/or hallways, used internally or externally. With this type of tiling, preparation and planning is the key to gaining the required results. 


Encaustic Cement Tiles

Encaustic tiles are growing in popularity and are currently very fashionable. They offer a variety of stunning patterns, styles and colours. They require cutting by hand and need treatment/sealer after installation to help maintain their appearance. This is all something I can provide assistance with and offer advice regarding the best products to use.


Natural Stone

Working with natural stone is very different to working with tiles. It demands an understanding of the limits and behaviours of different types of stone and the skills required to manipulate the stone into shape. Stone is very durable and comes in an array of different styles, finishes and textures. 


Traditional Tiling

Traditional tiling is still the bread and butter of my work. Tiles are a versatile covering for any surface. They allow people to create a unique living space that is clean, easy to maintain, practical and stylish. 


Preperation, waterproofing and anti fracture membranes

Over the last 10 years, the tiling industry has really developed. The variety of tiling products and tiling solutions available is now in line with other construction sectors, using technology to innovatively work "smarter" and to ensure problem free tiling installations. Knowing the right products to use in the right situations only comes with an in depth knowledge and passion for the tiling industry.